Staff Meetings done.

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Staff Meetings done.

Post  Drago Hanter on Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:38 pm

Me and mp4 have been talking to some staff and have gotten some good ideas and some bad stuff as to what and how the dream has been through.

I will start off by saying that i enjoy the honesty that was given and i will tell all of you that this is a great way to make the staff better and to find out what problems people have.

Now to start off i would like to thank all of those who have named their personal choice of promotions and i have 2 that will get one and 1 that will have to figure out how to promote.

That 1 will be a question as to how that person will be promoted but i can say it was nice to hear the name a couple of times.

Furthering the advance of the rules and to make people happy. I would love to see less fighting and more friendly chat's. First off i would like to keep the furcadia standared to E8 and that does mean less swearing and vulger words. On top of that i would like to see patrons working together to make the dream more suitable for the rest by having them to help to keep the peace. Staff will still have to work with them to make sure that they do not fight with each other and i would like to see the staff to make a decision to just ignore other staff.

I have posted rules here and i would like to see them followed a little more. If you have a problem with another staff member then please use furcadia's `ignore <furrename> feature and report it on the forums HERE if you have any issue with another staff member then do not start an ejection fight and or a war of words on or in the dream in any place for any reason. Fights do nothing more then make people want to not be here and this dream will not be allowed to lose guests to staff who fight with each other.

Now we are in the start of a new dream but that does not mean drastic changes. It means that we will need the staff more then ever cause a decision to join with Comical Homes v2 is still on the table. The rules for how that will work will stay with the owners at this time and i will like to say that we will need to make sure that the staff do not go and start problems and think that they will get away with it as per a persons question on the issue. The staff will work together and if you have a problem with the staff you will need to post it on the staff forum and let us know. If there is a fight and people are ignored then leave it as that. DO NOT take the fight to the forums.
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